The Gottman Institute

The Gottman Institute offers accredited training in research-based assessment techniques and intervention strategies for professionals who wish to serve today’s couples and families. Couples currently enter marriage with a 50% chance of failure. Faced with these difficult challenges, many seek a scientifically sound approach to help them understand and strengthen the weak areas in their partnership. Part of the mission of The Gottman Institute is to empower therapists to provide this help to couples and families. The Gottman Institute is dedicated to combining wisdom from research and practice to support and strengthen marriages, families, and relationships. This link between research and practice reflects the collaboration of John and Julie Gottman, whose combined research and clinical experience is extensive, and incomparable. Dr. John Gottman has revolutionized the study of marriage. For nearly four decades he has conducted research on all facets of relationships, including parenting issues. At the Institute, in collaboration with Dr. Julie Schwartz Gottman, he developed an approach that not only supports and repairs troubled marriages and committed relationships, but strengthens happy ones.

Psikoloji İstanbul Consultancy, Training and Research Center

Psikoloji Istanbul Consultancy, Training and Research Center provides training and consultancy services to individuals, families, couples and institutions with the slogan “A Safe Place for Development and Change”, develops projects related to psychological counseling and conducts social responsibility studies.

Psikoloji Istanbul, which was founded by Psychologist Filiz Kaya Ataklı and Psychologist Özge Altan Aytun in 2006, continues to serve in accordance with the principles of psychology and as the representative of rooted organizations such as The Gottman Institute and Family Psychological Services in Turkey.

The main priority in Psikoloji Istanbul is to be beneficial to individuals, families, and therefore to community psychology by taking into account the principles of psychology and ethics. At the same time, it is one of the founding missions of the center to ensure that our colleagues gain knowledge and experience through trainings that make a difference based on scientific foundations.

Pia Conference ve Organization

Pia Conference ve Organization firm undertakes the organization of Masters of Relationship programme.