Enjoying Istanbul

Turkey’s biggest city is the perfect destination city break. Istanbul is resplendent with attractions, from cultural to historic. Plus, the city’s timeline spans centuries, offering sights from ancient ruins to modern marvels and everything in between.

İstanbul is recognised as a global city because of its importance in finance, commerce, media, entertainment, arts, international trade, education and tourism. Istanbul is one of the biggest cities in the world, with around 15 million population, which is more than 177 countries around the world. Istanbul was the capital city of three major Empires: Eastern Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, and Ottoman Empire during their rule.

When travelling to İstanbul, you will discover a city full of authenticity where old customs and ancient history intermix with cultural entertainment and hi-tech innovation. Being inbetween of Asia and Europe, you can taste many Turkish treasures, which makes İstanbul a dream destination for foodies.

Must-Sees in Istanbul

Grand Bazaar

One of İstanbul’s trademarks and oldest features. One of the largest and oldest covered bazaars in the world, the Grand Bazaar is 30,700 square meters with over 60 streets and alleys and 4,000 shops.

The Blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque (Called Sultanahmet Camii in Turkish) is an historical mosque in Istanbul. The mosque is known as the Blue Mosque because of blue tiles surrounding the walls of interior design. Blue Mosque is the only mosque in İstanbul with six minarets, which is the maximum number you can have in a mosque.

Bosphorus Ferry Cruise

Istanbul is the only city in the world which is both in Europe and Asia geographicaly. You will be able to enjoy the bustling Istanbul skyline and the novelty of sailing the bridge between two continents: Europe and Asia with Bosphorus Ferry Cruises.

Hagia Sophia

As one of the oldest surviving churches on the planet—which later became a mosque, and finally a museum—the Hagia Sophia has been home to various cultures, religions, and traditions.

Galata Tower

The Galata Tower or ‘Galata Kulesi’ or ‘Christea Turris’ (Tower of Christ), is one of the crowning landmarks of Istanbul’s Bosphorus. The tower is 9 stories tall, with an open observation deck for a 360 degree view of Istanbul.

Getting to Istanbul

The easiest way to get to Istanbul is by plane. Many world airlines have regular daily flights to Istanbul. Istanbul has two international airports; one on the European side (New Istanbul Airport) and the other one on the Asian side (Sabiha Gokcen Airport). From Istanbul you can fly to many other cities of Turkey as there are frequent daily flights of different airline companies. The airport is 22 km away from the venue.

Getting Around Istanbul

İstanbul has a wide and efficient public transport network. The Subway (Metro) is the fastest way to get from one corner of the city to another. It is very easy to identify the metro stations by the large and blue, red arrow signs. The bus, tram and funicular network extends over the entire city.

Walking is also recommended as the best way to explore the city center. If you get lost, simply look for the nearest bus/metro stop – most of these stops have a very good map of the city with your current location clearly marked on the map.