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Dive deep into proven, research-based approach for treating couples impacted by infidelity and PTSD with world renowned therapists.

Affairs and trauma are two of the most challenging issues clinicians face when working with couples. Both rupture trust and undermine the very foundation on which committed relationships are built.

After studying thousands of couples over the last four decades, we now understand a great deal about the process of healing, and we want to share this knowledge with you. Dive deep into proven, research-based approach for treating couples impacted by infidelity and PTSD to learn clinical skills that will empower your couples to not only rebuild their relationship, but also create immunity from future betrayals.


You will learn how to recognize the signs of trauma and PTSD and the impact it has on a relationship, how to identify the role trauma plays when there’s been an affair, and assess the impact of an affair on the Sound Relationship House. You will also learn how to suspend your own moral judgment when extramarital affairs are revealed, determine where and how to begin rebuilding a new foundation of trust, and immunize the couple’s relationship from future betrayals.

At the completion of this training, you will be able to:

  • Compare and contrast the psychometric soundness of assessment instruments used to diagnose PTSD, including tools for structured interviews, self-report scales, and psycho-physiological assessment methods.
  • Distinguish between the neurobiological changes associated with PTSD that occur in the amygdala, anterior cingulate cortex, prefrontal cortex, and hippocampus.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of popular individual therapies for treating PTSD.
  • Compare and contrast research studies on couples therapy methods for treating PTSD.
  • Defend the practice of conducting conjoint therapy to address PTSD during couples therapy by referencing the relevant research findings on the impact of PTSD on relationships, as well as the relationship outcomes associated with individual PTSD treatment.
  • Implement clinical strategies that help “surface” trauma when working with a couple with PTSD.
  • Select clinical interventions that help “explore” trauma at a deeper level once it has surfaced.
  • Facilitate movement from the individual to the dyad when processing a trauma.
  • Teach couples how to conduct a Stress-Reducing Conversation when PTSD is involved.
  • Teach couples how to conduct an Aftermath of a Regrettable Incident Exercise when PTSD is involved.
  • Compare and contrast popular therapies for treating infidelity.
  • Explain how the 24 steps of the “Gottman-Rusbult-Glass” cascade toward betrayal leads to a blurring of boundaries between self and potential others.
  • Explain how a betrayed partner may develop PTSD as a result of their partner’s affair.
  • Apply the Gottman Method Couples Therapy Assessment process with couples who have experienced an affair.
  • Incorporate appropriate additional details when conducting an Assessment feedback session for treating affairs.
  • Facilitate the Atonement phase of Gottman Method Couples Therapy for affairs.
  • Defend the practice of allowing the hurt partner to express anger, insecurity, resentment, fear, and feelings of rejection, rather down-regulating their expression of emotion.
  • Implement appropriate clinical tools to strengthen an affair couple’s Attunement to each other.
  • Teach affair couples how to effectively process Regrettable Incidents.
  • Select appropriate clinical interventions to deepen an affair couple’s attachment to one another.
  • Apply effective clinical strategies to help affair couples prevent relapse.


This training is for mental health counseling providers, clergy and military chaplains, coaches, educators, students, and interns. It is intended for professionals who want to enhance their competence in conceptualization, assessment, treatment planning, and intervention with couples where an affair and/or trauma has created pain and struggle in their relationship.

As this is an advanced Gottman Training, we expect learners to have a basic understanding of the Gottman Method. At least Level 1 Training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy is required.


Included in the registration price is a clinical training manual, which contains Gottman Method Couples Therapy assessments and interventions. You will be awarded a Certificate of Completion from The Gottman Institute.

  • More than 17 hours of live workshop by Drs. John and Julie Gottman
  • 285-page manual with the content, assessments, interventions, and references discussed in training videos
  • 165-page of lecture slides
  • Certificate of Completion from The Gottman Institute
  • Coffee Breaks and Lunch-box all through the training


Early registration until 11st of March 999 usd
Registration fee after 11st of March untill 21st of June 1199 usd
Late registration fee untill 28th of August 1299 usd

Official language of the training is English.


Founders of The Gottman Institute

World-renowned researchers and clinical psychologists, Drs. John and Julie Gottman have conducted 40 years of breakthrough research with thousands of couples. They have published over 200 academic journal articles and written 46 books that have sold over a million copies in more than a dozen languages.